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Peter Klein

Statistics show that 2/3rds of college graduates will be in careers unrelated to their major. It’s a challenge discovering who you are when drinking from a firehose in college.

Alternatively, we humans have an insatiable need to find purpose and meaning! Every one of us is on a perpetual quest for meaning! Carl Jung (the grandfather of modern psychiatry) believed that to live a fulfilling life, we must strive to achieve psychological wholeness through a thorough understanding of ourselves. It’s only then that we can discover our life’s purpose.

My book provides a framework for realizing your potential by exploiting college counseling and placement services in combination with personality type evaluations to facilitate broad-based self-examination. It can bring about greater self-knowledge, while unraveling one’s true aptitude and purpose in life.

It’s just as important to discover your true identity as selecting your major!

#1 Amazon bestseller in College Guides

#1 Amazon bestseller in Adult and Continuing Education

2023 Literary Titan Gold Book Award winner

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