Author's Biography

Peter Klein was born in Austria in a hastily assembled refugee camp. He holds degrees in chemistry, a graduate degree in biochemistry and nutrition, and a graduate degree in Business and Finance and has earned several professional certifications.

His migration to America forced a life changing crossing of a huge cultural and political divide, that has triggered a lifelong search for answers to the human condition.

Broad discipline of study, and 40 years of inference reading has allowed him to develop insights and connections that offer up advances in perspective and awareness. He has the ability to connect the dots across disciplines that address issues that generations through the ages have all wrestled with repeatedly.

In my books, I connect the dots and offer up insights, context, and perspective that can empower the reader and lead to better outcomes.

He writes non-fiction books that are part storytelling, part letter to a younger generation and part auto-biographical, wrestling with issues that have confounded and sometimes bewildered people through the ages. His ability to connect facts, draw observations, and advance perspective has produced a number of books.

Each insight or gain in perspective represents a lifetime of learning and self-reflection and decades of multi-disciplinary inference reading.

We are distracted by the shiny, the superficial and the inconsequential, when we should be focusing on the world around us and the human condition.