Zen and the Art of Navigating College: An Inquiry into the True Nature of Education and the Power of Self-Discovery
by Peter Klein

Mascot Books
Book Review by Kat Kennedy

“College offers you the opportunity to start a journey in the search for your best self, personally and professionally.”

In this philosophical work, Klein explores the ways in which college students can get the best out of education, including clear steps on how to do so. He defines his work by stating, “This book uses a metaphorical journey to describe a student’s experience in selecting and attending college.” Using his own experiences of college life, he addresses such subjects as “The Difference between High School and College,” “Shared Cohort Experience,” “Opportunity for Self-Discovery,” “Career Options,” “Deciding on Your Major,” and “Self-Knowledge.” The book offers many valuable insights into the college experience. The author walks the reader through the ways in which one’s college experience can be enhanced by taking courses that don’t pertain to one’s major and utilizing the services offered by the college. Included are an extensive bibliography and index.

The information presented in this work could prove extremely helpful to those just entering their first year of college, as well as those who find themselves searching for direction well into their college years. Klein writes in an informal conversational manner which makes the subject of his book easily accessible and understandable. The inclusion of parables, poems, and philosophy expands one’s understanding of his premise. He offers valuable advice on navigating college and describes the many opportunities of which one can take advantage to enhance the experience of choosing a major and planning for both college and the future. The author uses his own experiences to help define and expound on his subject. The work offers a unique perspective on how to get the best from one’s college years. It is an enjoyable read with many wonderful stories and examples that are sure to help readers find their way during this sometimes frightening and nerve-racking experience.